Steel Manufacturers

Custom Steel Work – Many manufacturers offer custom cutting and remanufacturing of pipes or tubing that needs to be modified in order to meet certain standards. Some large mills are unable to do custom work but smaller ones, usually can.

Types of Services Available – An average sized steel manufacturer should be able to offer such services as shot blasting, cutting, heat treating, fabrication, testing and steel straightening.

Minimum Orders – Larger manufacturers may have minimum order requirements, but smaller companies usually do not and are able to work with your more intensely on just a few products or design changes.

Foreign vs. Domestic – Foreign steel products, although lower priced and currently having minimal tariffs, will still have additional shipping costs added to the price. There also are anchor bar the inherent risks that go along with working with a foreign manufacturer, which are trust, reliability, communication differences and others.

Finding a Steel Manufacturer Online – There are various directories that list steel manufacturers throughout the US. It is usually a time consuming process to contact each manufacturer through email or over the phone in order to narrow down your selection to manufacturers who are able and willing to work with you.

Materials – There are various material options when working with a steel manufacturer. There are alloys, stainless steel, carbon steel and other exotic steel materials. To reduce costs, consider using other, cheaper types of steel. Talk to the manufacturer and see what your options are.

Obtain Multiple Quotes – Make sure you obtain at least 3-5 different quotes before you decide on which steel manufacturer to work with.

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