Single Cup Coffee Makers – A Top Five Review

There’s quite a few single cup coffee makers to choose from these days, but some separate themselves from the pack. I have reviewed twelve of the best single cup brewers on the market and this is my top five.
After reading this article I will tell you where to find them at the lowest prices!

My Top Five Single Cup Coffee Makers:

Keurig B70
Definitely one of the best I have reviewed because of its many features and affordability!

What makes single cup makers so great is you can change the flavor with each cup. Now that is what I call convenient! If you want French Vanilla and your spouse or roommate wants a Breakfast Blend, no problem.
This Keurig maker can also be customized for five different cup sizes, adjustable temperature, auto turn off, 60 ounce water reservoir (about ten cups), energy efficient, and most parts are dishwasher safe.

Keurig B60
Another great brewer from Keurig and this one won’t disappoint either. Pour Over Coffee Maker reviews This one does not carry as many features as the B70 model, but you may not need all the bells and whistles.

An additional feature of single cup coffee makers is the ease of cleanup. All you have to do is put the “pod” in the maker to brew and after brewing throw the pod away. It is that easy! No pot, no coffee grounds, no coffee filter.

Features of this particular unit include 48 ounce reservoir, three cup sizes, temperature adjustment, and on/off feature.
For a one or two person households this one could be the perfect option for you.

Cuisinart SS-700
This unit offers many of the same features the Keurig B70 has and is one of the top sellers on Amazon.

A third feature of these type coffee makers is a faster brewing process. Unlike traditional makers, which take about ten minutes to brew, the single makers brew in roughly two minutes.

This unit features four cup sizes, 48 ounce reservoir, temperature control, option to brew coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, very quiet brewing compared to others.

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