Roll Laminators – Not Just For Print Shops

Roll laminators, sometimes referred to as wide-format laminators, are often thought of as machines only used to laminate posters, signs, maps and other large documents in a print shop. Although roll laminators can, and often are, used to laminate larger documents, this does not have to be the case. Many people who use roll laminators started with a pouch laminator.

Roll laminators use two rolls of lamination film to fully encapsulate a document. The top roll covers the front surface and the bottom roll coats the bottom of the print shops london document. Heat is used to activate the glue, which then sticks to the document and “laminates” it. These laminators are available in hot and cold models, but hot laminators make up the majority of roll laminators in use today.

Many people discover that laminating 1,000’s of documents, business cards and menus can take some time with a pouch laminator. Although it can be done, it is very time consuming. Pouch laminators are typically used for laminating a few items to 100’s of items in a day. If the lamination volume exceeds more than 100 objects a day, roll lamination should be considered.

A roll laminator can laminate smaller items as well, but in bulk. Most wide format laminators (roll) have an entry table or surface that makes it easy to line up several smaller objects for lamination at once. A 27-inch wide laminator can laminate up to three sheets of 8 ½ x 11-inch sheets at a time. Most laminators include a speed control, making it possible to adjust the laminator to accommodate the speed of the operator.

Using a wide-format laminator can make it possible to laminate thousands of smaller documents in a short amount of time. Once laminated, these documents can be cut to size by use of a rotary paper trimmer, arm cutter or Zippy cutter. Scissors may be used, but take longer and are not as accurate. Some higher-end machines include slitters for quick and convenient cutting.

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