Peace And Tranquility At Puka Beach Boracay

Looking for a place in Boracay to spend a quiet moment of relaxation? Then try heading for Puka Beach in the northern part of the island. Upon getting there, don’t be surprised that for a beautiful place that already offers comfort and leisure, you could still discover a spot where you could just take pleasure in the calmness of the surroundings. That kind of experience is everyday occurrence in everyone’s favorite Philippine travel destination.

Renowned for the puka shells that are scattered in its wonderful white sand, Puka Beach in Boracay is a tropical paradise destination in the truest sense. Compared to other beaches in the island, the gorgeous Puka Beach is not that heavily populated, making it possible for anyone to enjoy peaceful and relaxing moments while strolling in the sand (With your flip flops on, though. Puka shells, dawat restaurant tooting remember?). You can even sit in the beach without being bothered by any upsetting noise or commotion.

With a total area of 800 meters, the length of the lovely beach of Puka Beach is second to White Beach, the island’s foremost tourism beach. Since its location is kilometers away from the crowded portion of the island, the beach is free of any pollution and noise. Aside from the occasional tourists, the only other people you will come across there are some locals who pick and collect puka shells, which are made into costume jewelries and ornaments (puka shell jewelries and other ornaments are sold on the tropical island as souvenirs). Although the sand in Puka Beach is white in color similar to those of other Boracay beaches, they are grainier and not as smooth, primarily because of the shells. But this fact doesn’t diminish the splendor of the place. It only added to Puka Beach’s remarkable charm.

Sit in the beach with your loved ones and appreciate the stunning landscapes that surround the place as the blue waters wash the shore. Also perfect for picnics, Puka Beach doesn’t have resorts and hotels where you can stay for rest and food. If you plan to spend the day in the place, you should bring along some food and enough cold drinks with you.

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