Modern Cutting Methods Used In 3D / Puff Embroidery Digitizing

When we talk about 3D / Puff Embroidery Digitizing there are different types of cutting methods that are to be used on modern level embroidery designing.  Over here we will be letting you know about different modern cutting methods to be used in 3D or puff embroidery services for you:

Cut the Shapes

Appliqué fabric over 3D / Puff Embroidery Digitizing is hence to be prepared all using the lightweight iron-on fusible on top of the wrong side. The paper will be remaining to be settled on top of the fabric until cutting is all the way complete. As dependent based on the types of fabric and paper, one can cut like so many different types of four layers of appliqué shapes at a time.

Stitch the placement Lines

The fabric of the background is then hooped and then it is placed straight over the embroidery machinery. The timeline of the appliqué placement line is stitched that somehow fits the shape exactly. You do not need to trim when you use shapes cut like this.

Add the Appliqué Shape to the Background Fabric

The hoop is then removed away from the machine and then the applique is fused away as inside or just as over the covering placement of the stitches.  To fuse the shapes, you can use some mini iron to get the fabric and also the stitches being lined up nicely. Some appliqué designs will be having more than one fabric and hence, on the whole, require the steps for the sake of stitching additional placement lines and also in terms of fusing of fabric shapes to be repeated.

Carry out Machine Embroidery Stitching

The hoop is then later on returned to the side of the machine to complete away from the adornment of the stitching. This is how the applique will be finished away. If you are not having Circle die and cutter as the stitch file is included so that you can make away with the template for the sake of cutting.

Machine embroidery appliqué over 3D / Puff Embroidery Digitizing can be carried out by using pre-cut/die-cut shapes. Somehow it will be removed off the usual steps and also allows us to do more embroidery. You can even carry out with so many different projects. It would be letting you create away the appliqué with more set of intricate designs. On an everyday basis, there are so many more and more embroidery digitizers which are considerably using die-cut shapes for their sake of machine embroidery appliqué!


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