Major Steps for Registering your Embroidery Digitizing Trademark Internationally

According to the latest survey report, there have been around 4 million applications on the trademark that are filed every single year from all over the world. If you are interested in expanding your embroidery digitizing brand or business on an international level, then heading your way in registering the trademark internationally is so much important. This piece of article will highlight the six significant steps which you need to know about registering the trademark on an international platform.

Step 1: Start A Trademark Research

On the first step, you need to perform complete in-depth research on the embroidery digitizing trademark. Once you have selected a strong and powerful trademark, the next step will be about registering process. The trademark research will enable you to learn about whether your trademark chosen is already registered or not. It is illegal to use any registered trademark as it is against the laws of business. Sometimes it is overwhelming to find a specific trademark because every other trademark you will shortlist will be registered.

Step 2: Filing of the ApplicationĀ 

Now, this is a significant step for which you need professional assistance. The registration process can be carried out either through the paper process or through the online electronic system. The electronic system is easy to perform and is much cost-effective, as well. It is the best option for people who are living in other countries.

Step 3: Investigation ProcessĀ 

During the whole investigation process, an examiner will be performing the complete review of your trademark applications. It probably takes almost one month, and after one month, you will be receiving the comprehensive report of the examination in terms of issues or any questioning. You will be given two months to solving all the problems accordingly.

Step 4: Publication Process In Trademark Bulletin

The 4th step is about the publication process for your trademark. You have to publish it, and later on, you can take two months to solve all your issues. In these two months, different owners of the trademark will review all the publications. If any opposition trademark owner has any issue over your trademark, they can file a complaint application, and your whole publication process can delay or even reject for two years.

Step 5: Issue of Trademark

During the whole course of the publication time, if in case no such opposition has been filed, the EUIPO will approve the entire trademark publication. After six months, a certificate will be issued on your behalf, and you will be legally allowed to use the embroidery digitizing trademark in 28 different countries of your own choice.

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