How to Lose Belly Fat For Women

Ladies, shall we try weight lifting? Sounds to be a guy thing, isn’t it?

However weight lifting can melt away most of that drooping belly fat, especially in females.

Many ad films on TV screens have motivated people to work over treadmills, riding stationary bikes, or coasting on elliptical machines and have made them trust that those would make them lose fat easily and quickly. There are also women who spend all their time in cardio machines at the gym.

But the predominant fact explored out of many researches says that the quantity of hours you put into a standard cardio exercise is not that effective for fat burning. This causes the boredom and loss of motivation in people and they give up within few days without seeing results.

Cardiovascular exercises are effective. But your metabolism is only elevated for less than an hour after running for an hour and then goes back to normal. However, strength training will add to your metabolism undyingly.

Weight lifting can shatter the muscle tissues and contracts the muscle fibres at a faster rate, thus reducing the stubborn belly fat.

Without relying on other machines, you can make your own top womens fat burners 2020 body a fat burning machine by weight lifting. Just take a look on how you can turn you body into this beautiful machine. Try these combined interval training and resistance training at towering concentration, to flatten ur abs.

Tiny weights and high repetitions will never work.

You have to make yourself to face your legs burning, heart racing, and chest heaving for breaths. This strengthens and conditions almost every muscle in your intact body, and fulfills your cardio requirements that cannot be offered by a boring stationary bike ride or treadmill

Below are our top 3 finest abdominal exercises for dames:

1. Side Sit-ups -rest down on your side by means of your left arm bowed, making a faultless 45 degree angle. Extend your right arm fully on the floor. Have proper breathing training. Then bend and shift your body in the direction of your shoulders. cling to that bent pose for 3 to 5 seconds. Now go to your initial position gradually. Repeat 8 to 16 times depending on your resistance.

2. Alternate Sit-ups – This exercise for women is the best for both the right and left body. Start with stretching yourself with both arms and legs on the floor. Use your left wing to get into your right foot. Hold for 3-5 seconds. Perform this on the other side and then alternate again from left to right until 16 repetitions.

3. Full-body sit-ups – This abdominal exercise for women with the help of leg is also good for reducing tummy. To start this, bend your body to get in touch with your toes, with the support of your lower back. Alternate this for 16 successive repetitions.

Remember ladies, men are capable of adding up junk of muscles, while this is not the case for women. Never think of boring cardio training and adding up flesh.


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