Five Sensible Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

Are you looking for a few easy and sensible ways to improve your golf game? Here are some tips that can drastically improve your game. These are easy tips that may seem like common sense, but which many even experienced golfers overlook. Follow these five sensible tips and watch your golf game soar. At the very least you can expect to save yourself at least a handful of strokes from your golf score by following these easy and sensible tips to improve your golf game.

Tip 1: Fuel Up Your Body Before You Hit the Greens

The truth is that golfing, although it is not obviously a game of movement or stamina, requires a lot of stamina. After all, a round of golf usually involves a whole morning or afternoon on the greens with the sun shining down on you. Golf Clash Hack The best way to avoid the kind of fatigue that can cause you few extra strokes is to fuel up your body the proper way before even hitting the green. Eat something that will give you the endurance and stamina to stay focused all morning or afternoon. That means that you should eat a full, rounded meal with a good source of protein along with a complex carbohydrate. This is the best combination to keep your self fueled over a long period of time. An easy way to accomplish this kind of mean is to eat a bowl of whole grain oatmeal with eggs on the side, and a fruit juice. If you are golfing in the afternoon, try a lunch comprised of a healthy turkey sandwich with fruit.

Tip 2: Warm Up Your Body Before Hitting the Green

Another easy tip to follow that can greatly improve your strokes and endurance is to properly warm up before you begin a round of golf. So many golfers arrive right on time or a few minutes before tee time and simply hack off a handful of balls to get started. This is not the proper way to warm up. Why not arrive at tee time 15-30 minutes early and warm up properly? It can make all the difference in your game. Stretch your body, do some arm circles, toe touches, etc. Then practice your half swings with a 7 iron–then practice hitting a few wedges. This kind of warm up builds confidence and gets your body ready for a full round.

Tip 3: Stay Hydrated

This is an easy and sensible piece of advice, but many players still manage to overlook it. Drink plenty of water before leaving the house. Some experts even recommend up to a gallon before hitting the course. Staying hydrated means that you will have more energy, improve your focus, and avoid the late-game fatigue that affects so many players.

Tip 4: Keep Stretching Throughout the Game

Even if you have properly warmed up prior to the game, make sure you keep your body limber by continuing to stretch during the game. Tight lower backs and aching shoulders can be avoided if you take the time to stretch during your round of golf. This is easy to do while you are waiting your turn.

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