Building A Marketing Funnel – Finding Those That Want To Do Business With You

Real Estate Business Marketing Funnel Breakdown

I personally like to think of it as building a marketing funnel for your real estate business as opposed to a sales funnel which many people call this idea. Imagine an inverse pyramid. Everyone is in it, everyone you meet, everyone that comes into your marketing portals, everyone that comes into your website, everyone that calls you, everyone that emails you for information, everybody that responds to one of your bandit signs, everybody you meet at a networking meeting, everybody that sees one of your videos online or reads one of your articles – these people are all at the top of the sales funnel levels.

This includes people who know you. clickfunnels definition They may or may not be the perfect prospect for you to do business with, your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, teacher, preacher, girl you met at the gym – these are all people that are at the top of that pyramid.

Just below that if you were to draw this on a piece of paper, we all know what a pyramid looks like, I’m assuming, not that ancient Egyptian history is a pre-requisite for reading an online article, but let’s assume we all know what a pyramid is. At the top if you’ve got a line that’s about two inches wide, just below it you’ve got a line that’s about an inch shorter, about an inch wide and it’s centered below it.

That first line is all those people I just mentioned- just below that are people who you decide to follow up with- just below that is another line, which are people who agree to receive your follow up and just below that are people who want the same and request more information.

What do I mean by that? Somebody can give me permission to follow up with them, but they’re not even a real person until they raise their hand and say, “Hey, tell me this,” or ask a question. You should have something within your follow up sequence when building a marketing funnel that identifies those people that do raise their hand from those people who are like a cold fish just laying there.

If you’re looking at your piece of paper and you’re actually drawing this with me, you’ve thus far got four tiers and they consistently get smaller. What we’re building here is an inverted pyramid. If you were to continue going down the next three levels would be levels of getting involved with them.

What do I mean by that? In your real estate business marketing funnel, or really one for any business, you should have different ways someone can get involved with you. Let’s say, for example, you’re a mortgage broker. A level five would be – level one, two, three and four I’ve already shared with you – a level five would be they’ve raised their hand and said they’re interested in you following up with them and right now is the time they want to put in a loan application, so you’d get a 1003 filled out.

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