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When was the last time that you played basketball? A better question to ask is when was the last time that you were in a pick up game with a person that you did not know before, then later found yourselves becoming acquainted and then later becoming friends? Well most likely this has happened so much that you have lost count and it has become a secondary nature for you to make friends just by playing the game of basketball.

To start off with, school yards and playgrounds hoops offer so much possibilities for relationships to be made. This is where you meet new people, and have the same passion and love for the game. Another benefit of meeting people in the courts is that you may encounter someone who is more competitive then you and then you two can develop a friendship and help each other out in your strengths and weaknesses. This can benefit many basketball athletes greatly in the sense that they will become better basketball players and better teammates.

Playing basketball in a school yard is also a basketball legends positive environment in which young kids will start basketball and play in little school league teams and later find themselves having their best friends in their high school team to go on to win the high school championship.

Community centers such as the YMCA is also a good environment for athletes. Basketball centers like the YMCA have existed for many years and have indoor courts so that you can play during the rain and simply will not have to worry about getting your new Air Jordans already destroyed. Usually in centers like these, there is always someone in charge supervising the game so that nothing bad erupts. You develop teamwork every time that you play basketball and those skills travel with you forever.

Many of the relationships can be seen in the NBA professional league. Think of the teamwork that Shaq and Kobe Bryant shared when Shaq was in the Lakers team and would go on to win the finals. Whats good about this is that when you know a player so well, who is also your teammate, more than likely you will already be able to know what their next steps will be whether it is passing, shooting, dribbling to a pass. This can help you greatly because it is almost like you can read each others minds and help each other cover the others weaknesses and go on to win the basketball game.People who play in the NBA make life long friends and grow close together and develop a bond that only basketball can bring.

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